You built Your business with Your own hands – with Your sweat and effort. You did the work and took all the risks. Now You deserve to keep what You have, and watch Your company grow. You need a lawyer to help You protect Your income, Your assets and Your legacy.

Fortunately, You know a lawyer. Call Palmer.

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You know your profession. But we know the law. So let us handle your legal issues, and let you focus on your business. Every company is unique, and requires specialized legal advice and services. One size does not fit all. So please call us now at (405) 496-1154 for a free consultation on your specific business needs.

We are Ready to Help You Start Your Business:

  • Incorporate – Issue stock and appoint directors for your larger business model.
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) – Register and create an Operating Agreement.
  • Partnership – Clearly define each partner’s authority and responsibility.
  • Sole Proprietorship – If you are on your own, we are on your side.

Hire a Lawyer with Trial Experience in


Separate and protect Your personal assets from business risks.


Choose the most advantageous business structure.


Fair and secure agreements with Your clients and suppliers.


Comply with State and Federal requirements.

Here is what our valued clients have to say:

Peter from Durant, Business Law in Federal Court
A very big competitor sued me in federal court. They had a whole firm of big city lawyers. They thought they could outspend me and run me out of business. Palmer Law took our case. He charged a fair fee a did an expert job. He worked out a deal that saved me thousands.

Tanner from Konawa, Business Law and Oil & Gas
My partner in my operating company really let me down. He took off with money and equipment. It basically froze the company. I thought we would lose our leases. Then the business is good as done. Palmer Law was not intimidated by the mountain of paperwork. They worked through all the records. They represented me with the Corporation Commission, too. They kept me in business. They calmed things down and made a deal that made sense for me and my old partner. So at least I can still talk to him.

Daniel from Ada, Business Law in Federal Court
A real con man sued my small business. It was a totally bogus claim. But he was able to sue me in the United States Court in Muskogee. He literally made a federal case out of it. Palmer Law was up front with me. Going to trial in federal court is very expensive. The firm did not take advantage of me. They got a settlement that saved my business from going bankrupt.

Robert from Ada, Business Law in State Court
I have a successful business in the finance field. But a big business is a big target. I am glad I have a lawyer on call who knows how to handle business issues and civil court cases. When I was sued, Palmer Law did not hesitate to go to trial. I have used the firm several times, and referred friends and associates.