It is a topic no one likes to discuss. But You do not take chances with Your family. We will help You make a plan to pass everything You have worked for to the people who matter the most.

Did You know, everyone has a will? If You do not write Your own, the government writes one for You. Do You trust the government with Your family’s future?

It can be sad and scary to think about passing away or losing a family member. Do not let a little discomfort now cost Your family down the road. You need a lawyer who will give You frank advice and take away Your fear.

Fortunately, You know a lawyer. Call Palmer.

We are Ready to Help You

  • Build a strong legal plan now that will stand up after you are gone.
  • Make arrangements now so Your loved ones do not have to later.
  • Keep Your fortune in Your family, not lose it all to taxes.

Hire a Lawyer with Trial Experience in

Strong Wills

Affordable protection for modest estates.

Complex Trusts

The serious planning Your larger estate requires.

End of Life Instructions

Do not burden (or trust) someone else with matters of Your life or death.

Here is what our valued clients have to say:

Sarah from Atoka, Oil & Gas and Wills & Trusts
My mother passed away and left mineral rights. But the family could not agree how her estate should be divided. It broke my heart, but I did what I had to do to get my share for my children. I had to get a lawyer. Palmer Law took care of the complicated probate case. He paid attention to the details and answered all my questions. It was a long case, but it turned out the right way. If it hadn’t been for Palmer Law, half a dozen people would have lost their oil checks over somebody’s mistake.

Wayne in Stratford, Divorce & Custody, Wills and Estates
My ex-wife got me in contempt of court. She was trying to get more money of me than I could pay. I was afraid the judge would put me in jail. How can I work, make any money, and pay the woman if I am sitting in jail. Palmer law kept me out of jail. Even better, they actually reduced the amount I had to pay her. Hiring Palmer Law was money well spent. I was so impressed I came back for him to write my will, and one for my current wife. No doubt he is my family lawyer now.