Family law is a broad legal category in Oklahoma, spanning everything from child support and adoption to domestic abuse and divorce. While not always a criminal matter, it is always advisable to consult a family law lawyer serving Norman, OK before making any significant and potentially life-changing decisions.

Many family law cases in Oklahoma City, OK and surrounding areas, including Norman, Midwest City and Cleveland County, pit one side of a family against another. While it is possible to take advice from other parents and family members before making decisions, nothing beats speaking to a Norman, OK family law lawyer for the best possible guidance.

That is precisely what you can expect from Palmer Law. Our team boasts extensive experience in family law and works in Norman, OK, Oklahoma City, and throughout the state.

Our lawyers are standing by to provide first-class advice, no matter the family law issue at hand, and the relationship begins with a free consultation. Call our office now at 405-877-7112 to discover how we can help with your specific circumstances.

Palmer Law Family Law Lawyers in Norman, OK

Family law spans a broad range of legal issues, but residents of Norman, OK can rest assured that they have access to a team of lawyers that will not only protect their legal rights, but treat every new client as an individual with a family law issue to resolve.

We know that family law cases are rarely easy. Some, such as those involving divorce or parental rights, can be some of the most stressful situations that our clients have ever had to face. That’s why the attorney-client relationship is about much more than legal advice and guidance.

A Norman, OK family law lawyer from our firm will provide the legal expertise you need, and do it in a way that always strives to make life easier for you and your family.

That unique relationship begins with a phone call. We provide free consultations to clients in Norman and Oklahoma City, OK, ensuring our lawyers can get to know you and your unique circumstances without any additional pressure or obligation.

Common Family Law Issues in Oklahoma

The concept of family law can cover a multitude of practice areas. Indeed, even a single family law issue can touch on various aspects of life, and that’s why residents of Norman, OK should ensure they work with a law firm with vast experience of other cases.

At Palmer Law, we can help you resolve any family law issues. Below, you’ll find some of the most common cases that fall under the definition of family law.

A Divorce Case

Divorce cases are common in family law, and they are often extremely challenging for all involved.

Broadly speaking, Oklahoma divorce cases are either uncontested or contested. The former, also known as dissolution of marriages, are often simpler, as they involve both parties reaching an agreement on the scope of a divorce. Nevertheless, a family law lawyer can prove invaluable as they can assist in finalizing everything related to the divorce, such as property division and, where relevant, child custody.

In contested divorces, a family law lawyer is not only invaluable, but essential. Unsurprisingly, former spouses that cannot reach an agreement between themselves will often require mediation or even a judgment in court to finalize their legal separation.

Your Norman, OK family law lawyer will help in making decisions along the way and, where required, their legal services can extend to seeking an agreement before the case makes it to court.

Child Custody and Child Support

Cases involving children can be just as taxing as a divorce, if not more so. Most parents place the welfare of their child above anyone else’s, and battling for physical custody or sole custody can take its toll on even the most resilient individuals.

A Norman, OK family law lawyer will seek to understand what you believe to be the best interests of a child and will then provide legal guidance and evidence gathering to make the case in front of a judge.

A family law lawyer can also provide the most current information on how parents can make an arrangement to support their child through a parenting plan. Whether seeking sole or joint custody, our lawyers will utilize all their experience and legal expertise to achieve your goals.

Our team can also help in cases of spousal maintenance and child support. While they will always have your interests in mind, your lawyers can also help serve as a third party without as much emotional involvement. As such, they can make recommendations on what is best for your family and guide you on what is likely to work best in practice.

Establishment of Paternity

Family law lawyers often get involved with paternity testing, especially given the nature of assigning rights to fathers. In Norman, OK, a father is legally recognized from birth if the parents are married. That brings with it both rights and responsibilities, which often take on significant importance following a divorce or separation.

However, when a child is born out of wedlock, the father receives no such automatic rights. In many cases, both parents will mutually agree on paternity and sign documentation as such – often before leaving the maternity ward. However, in cases where the father has not proven paternity, a lawyer from Palmer Law can help them to do so in line with Oklahoma law.

Where voluntary paternity is unavailable, it is possible to pursue involuntary establishment. Your family law lawyer will explain the full process, and assist you throughout the case. It is possible to settle this at any time, but it could ultimately arrive at trial. There, a judge will rule on paternity and will typically side with the father where there is a 99% or greater biological chance that they are indeed the father.


Adoption is another complex and often emotional family law matter that requires the assistance of a Norman, OK family law lawyer.

It is extremely difficult to predict how any individual case will play out, and so we invite anyone looking to take advantage of our family law services for adoption to call our offices covering Norman, OK for an initial consultation. At that point, our team of lawyers can provide initial guidance and support you from a legal standpoint throughout.

Prenuptial Agreements

Many people assume that prenuptial agreements are only for those with significant assets or a specific reason to believe that their marriage may not last. However, they are a valid and viable form of asset protection for anyone that wishes to make decisions with an eye on the future.

Domestic Violence

A family law lawyer can support you in cases of domestic violence and abuse, drawing on both family and criminal law to do so. Your lawyer can take immediate action, such as filing an injunction to prevent contact from your spouse with you and your children, but will continue to provide support on an ongoing basis and through to divorce where necessary.

Why You Need Family Law Services From a Law Firm

Individuals in Norman, OK are under no obligation to appoint a lawyer for any legal issue, including family law matters. However, it makes sense to speak to a family law lawyer even if you are confident in what you want to achieve and have a plan to make it happen.

Legal Expertise and Experience

When families cannot reach agreements on their own, disagreements can soon become legal matters. As such, it may ultimately require a judge to rule on some family law cases. As such, any claims and assertions made must align with Oklahoma law. Naturally, there is nothing better than a team of family law lawyers for helping clients ensure that they not only consider their rights and best interests, but the application of the correct legal process.

Support and Empathy at Every Step

Family law covers such a broad scope of potential legal issues that it can be impossible to predict how long it will take to reach a resolution. A domestic violence case, for example, will immediately involve law enforcement and will see the offender being treated like anyone else that breaks the law.

However, a family law matter does not necessarily need to involve committing a criminal offense. Delays typically stem from disagreements or legal challenges. As such, they can take time to resolve.

That’s why we always seek to support every client and their families at every stage of the process. From the initial free consultation through to a court hearing, where required, your Norman, OK family law lawyer from Palmer Law will support you throughout.

Child custody during a divorce is an excellent example. The parties involved often worry about what happens to their children while the divorce progresses. Your local Norman, OK lawyer can help guide on a temporary order, assigning legal custody to a parent for a relatively short duration while the full custody case is heard.


As noted, family law does not necessarily involve the breaking of any laws. It can often come down to finding the middle ground between two parties and their demands. Skilled lawyers possess training and experience in negotiation and will often discuss cases with each other on behalf of their clients.

Should one side employ a lawyer while the other does not, the latter is potentially at a significant disadvantage.

Specialist Native American Family Law Support in Norman, OK

As well as helping clients from across Oklahoma County, our law firm can also provide a family law lawyer for Native American clients facing civil litigation or any other matter in a tribal court. Unlike most states, there is a vast legal spectrum that is unique to tribal residents.

Our vastly experienced attorneys work with clients from all sorts of backgrounds, with particular knowledge of the legal systems of these tribes:

  • Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes
  • Cherokee Nation
  • Citizen Potawatomi Nation
  • Seminole Nation
  • Chickasaw Nation
  • Choctaw Nation
  • Muscogee (Creek) Nation

So, whether your family law issues head to court in Norman, OK or take place on tribal land, our lawyers are equipped to help protect your rights and achieve the outcomes you desire.

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Family law is an extensive topic that draws on a number of related practice areas. That’s why it is so vital to appoint a Norman, OK family law lawyer with comprehensive knowledge not only of the case at hand but of the implications of decisions and outcomes that come about as a result.

Family matters can be extremely challenging, which is why we support clients, not only with first-class legal expertise but with a personal, empathetic approach that can make their journey through the Oklahoma legal system and through court less stressful and more palatable.

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