You are Hurt. You Cannot Work. We Understand.

You do not take chances with Your health. If You are suffering for someone else’s mistake, You need a lawyer who makes the right people pay. One who will fight for the money You deserve. Fortunately, You know a lawyer. Call Palmer.
A serious injury can change Your life, but it does not have to cost You Your future. If You cannot work, You cannot provide for Your family. But it is not Your fault. We will help You.

We are Ready to Help You Recover Financially

  • Agree to a fair Settlement if we can.
  • Take your case to TRIAL if we need to.
  • Deal with defense lawyers and INSURANCE representatives.

Hire a Lawyer with Trial Experience in Getting Enough Money to Take Care of Your Family.

  • Wrongful Death – Providing for the Survivors.
  • Auto Accidents – Make their insurance pay.
  • Uninsured Drivers – Make your insurance pay.
  • Negligence – When you are hurt in a public place.
  • Workers Compensation – When you are hurt on the job.

Here is what our valued clients have to say:

Donald from Norman, Personal Injury in State Court
I knew Palmer from our college days. We were in the same fraternity. So when my son and I were hurt in a car wreck, I knew I could trust him. The wreck was not my fault. My hand was badly injured. I have a technical job that is hard to do one-handed. Palmer Law went after the guilty driver aggressively. They won me a settlement around six figures.