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Client Reviews
We serve the most important clients in Oklahoma. If they are not satisfied, we are not satisfied. Here is what a few of our clients* have to say.
I was accused of a terrible crime I did not commit. Even though I was innocent the police hounded me. Palmer protected me. He got out in front of the case. He kept the charges from ever being filed. The investigation almost cost my kids. Their mother took me to court to take custody, based on the same false accusation. Palmer Law handled that case too. We went all the way to a final hearing and did what was best for my kids.
Kenneth from Shawnee
Criminal Defense and Divorce & Custody in Tribal Court
When my husband filed for divorce, he paid an attorney thousands of dollars. Palmer Law gave me big military discount, and did everything possible to keep my cost low. And we won the hearing! Divorce is painful, but it wasn't so financially painful for me thanks to Palmer Law.
Katy from Lawton
Divorce & Custody in State Court
I knew Palmer from our college days. We were in the same fraternity. So when my son and I were hurt in a car wreck, I knew I could trust him. The wreck was not my fault. My hand was badly injured. I have a technical job that is hard to do one-handed. Palmer Law went after the guilty driver aggressively. They won me a settlement around six figures.
Donald from Norman
Personal Injury in State Court
After I came back from Afghanistan, I couldn't get my child support payments straightened out. The child support people kept calculating my debt like I was still deployed overseas and making combat pay. They would not listen and even suspended my driver’s license. But thanks to Palmer Law, I had $24,000.00 in child support arrearage just wiped out. And we got my driver’s license back. Palmer Law also worked out a payment plan with me. My whole life changed for the better thanks to Palmer Law.
Antonio from Kansas
Child Support in Administrative Court
I have a successful business in the finance field. But a big business is a big target. I am glad I have a lawyer on call who knows how to handle business issues and civil court cases. When I was sued, Palmer Law did not hesitate to go to trial. I have used the firm several times, and referred friends and associates.
Robert from Ada
Business Law in State Court
Military Justice in Federal Court I took some of my wife’s pain pills. I did not think much about it. I am partially disabled from my years of military service. But I popped on a UA test. They started to separate me from the National Guard. I had to admit I did it. I was not going to add a lie to my mistake. Palmer law still put on a defense. He showed the board there is more to me than the one time I messed up. I am still in the Guard today because of his work.
SSG Richards from Oklahoma City
Military Justice in Federal Court
My mother passed away and left mineral rights. But the family could not agree how her estate should be divided. It broke my heart, but I did what I had to do to get my share for my children. I had to get a lawyer. Palmer Law took care of the complicated probate case. He paid attention to the details and answered all my questions. It was a long case, but it turned out the right way. If it hadn't been for Palmer Law, half a dozen people would have lost their oil checks over somebody's mistake.
Sarah from Atoka
Oil & Gas and Wills & Trusts
A real con man sued my small business. It was a totally bogus claim. But he was able to sue me in the United States Court in Muskogee. He literally made a federal case out of it. Palmer Law was up front with me. Going to trial in federal court is very expensive. The firm did not take advantage of me. They got a settlement that saved my business from going bankrupt.
Daniel from Ada
Business Law in Federal Court
We were in big trouble. My wife and I were trying to follow the law. But we made some mistakes. Next thing I know our place is swarmed with federal agents and a search warrant. I am so glad Palmer answered when I called. I still remember he said, “You are 45 minutes away. I’ll be there in 30.” He was not afraid to get in the middle of things with the agents. He helped us avoid a federal felony.
Criminal Defense in Federal Court
Oil & Gas and Wills & Trusts
A very big competitor sued me in federal court. They had a whole firm of big city lawyers. They thought they could outspend me and run me out of business. Palmer Law took our case. He charged a fair fee a did an expert job. He worked out a deal that saved me thousands.
Peter from Durant
Business Law in Federal Court
My ex-wife got me in contempt of court. She was trying to get more money of me than I could pay. I was afraid the judge would put me in jail. How can I work, make any money, and pay the woman if I am sitting in jail. Palmer law kept me out of jail. Even better, they actually reduced the amount I had to pay her. Hiring Palmer Law was money well spent. I was so impressed I came back for him to write my will, and one for my current wife. No doubt he is my family lawyer now.
Wayne in Stratford
Divorce & Custody, Wills and Estates
My partner in my operating company really let me down. He took off with money and equipment. It basically froze the company. I thought we would lose our leases. Then the business is good as done. Palmer Law was not intimidated by the mountain of paperwork. They worked through all the records. They represented me with the Corporation Commission, too. They kept me in business. They calmed things down and made a deal that made sense for me and my old partner. So at least I can still talk to him.
Tanner from Konawa
Business Law and Oil & Gas
I am a veteran. But I got mixed up in something I am not proud of at work. I got charged in the civilian [state] court. That charge messed things up with the Army. Palmer was there before the charges were even filed. He gave me good advice and kept me from making things worse. When they did arrest me, I knew exactly what to do. It was a felony charge that would make me a felon for life and end my career. Palmer got it reduced to a misdemeanor. When the Army tried to kick me out over deal, Palmer was there to. He dealt with JAG and top officers. He got my case together to hold onto my military career and my benefits.
SGT Curtis from Tulsa
Criminal Defense and Military Justice
*We have altered some details and identifying information for our client’s privacy.