District (County) Courts

We will represent YOU, no matter which county your case is in. If we are not available in your county, we will help you find an attorney who is.

All 77 Counties. Have Case Will Travel.

Appeal Courts

The Higher Courts Require a Higher Level of Representation.

Appeal cases are high stakes matters. They require special procedures. Lloyd Brent Palmer is an Officer of the Supreme Court of Oklahoma. He is authorized and qualified to represent you in every Oklahoma Court.

Hire a Lawyer with Trial Experience in Your Court of Appeal:

  • The Oklahoma Supreme Court
  • The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals
  • The Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals

Here is what our valued clients have to say:

Robert from Ada, Business Law in State Court
I have a successful business in the finance field. But a big business is a big target. I am glad I have a lawyer on call who knows how to handle business issues and civil court cases. When I was sued, Palmer Law did not hesitate to go to trial. I have used the firm several times, and referred friends and associates.

Donald from Norman, Personal Injury in State Court
I knew Palmer from our college days. We were in the same fraternity. So when my son and I were hurt in a car wreck, I knew I could trust him. The wreck was not my fault. My hand was badly injured. I have a technical job that is hard to do one-handed. Palmer Law went after the guilty driver aggressively. They won me a settlement around six figures.

Katy from Lawton, Divorce & Custody in State Court
When my husband filed for divorce, he paid an attorney thousands of dollars. Palmer Law gave me a big military discount, and did everything possible to keep my cost low. And we won the hearing! Divorce is painful, but it wasn’t so financially painful for me thanks to Palmer Law.