A criminal conviction of any kind can lead to a massive change in lifestyle. Oklahoma City criminal law is unforgiving, just as is the case throughout the United States, and a conviction of any kind through state courts and especially federal courts can impact housing, employment, and many other key aspects of your existence.

At the same time, facing charges for a criminal offense can be challenging. Being arrested for any reason can be extremely scary, and many people need someone to speak to about their case simply for their own mental well-being.

That’s why the Oklahoma City criminal defense lawyers from Palmer Law not only assist clients in fighting criminal cases but do so in a way that always treats clients as people. When you appoint a criminal defense lawyer from our law firm, you can be sure of receiving the best possible defense, no matter the crime, and someone that will listen to your concerns and always work to protect your rights.

From misdemeanor criminal charges to large-scale federal crimes, an Oklahoma City, OK criminal defense lawyer is standing by to help.

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A Oklahoma City Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Protect Your Rights

Being arrested and accused of an offense does nothing to affect your constitutional rights, as granted at the federal level. Indeed, even crimes that carry heavy penalties like jail time must be handled fairly.

Failure to do so can see any criminal case thrown out before it even reaches trial. Your Oklahoma City criminal defense lawyer will discuss the specifics of your case with you, but even something as simple as a rights violation by police can see the entire case dismissed.

One of the most commonly known rights is the right to remain silent during an arrest. An individual is under no obligation to speak to the police without their criminal defense lawyer present.

Any lawyer from a reputable criminal defense firm would advise anyone to take full advantage of this right, as anything said following an arrest can be used as evidence in both state and federal courts.

Common Cases for Criminal Defense Lawyers in Oklahoma City, OK

An Oklahoma City criminal defense attorney will represent you on any occasion where you have been arrested and face misdemeanor or felony charges. This spans everything from domestic violence and sex crimes to drug charges and white-collar crime.

Our criminal defense lawyers are well versed in a range of related practice areas, ensuring that clients accused of any offense that could lead to a criminal record will benefit from broad experience as they work towards avoiding a guilty verdict.

Some of the most common cases our criminal defense lawyers work on in Oklahoma City, OK include, but are not limited to:

Violent Crimes

Any case that involves attempted or actual bodily harm will often be considered a violent crime. Most criminal defense cases that fall into this category are prosecuted particularly aggressively, with defendants typically charged to the fullest extent of criminal law.

Aggravated assault charges are common, but anything involving the act of harm and threat can be the reason for criminal charges.

As such, it is best to consult a criminal defense lawyer at the earliest possible opportunity, as there is a relatively short window available to speak to witnesses and gather evidence.

Drug Crimes

An experienced criminal defense attorney will have represented defendants in drug crimes of all scales. From smaller drug charges, such as drug possession all the way through to involvement in more serious operations, your defense lawyer will give you the best opportunity to fight the cases, preferably avoiding criminal convictions altogether.

Domestic Violence

While a subset of violent crimes, domestic violence cases are pursued equally aggressively and often involve additional charges. Violent acts are often considered more serious when they involve domestic abuse between family members or defendants that are close to their victims.

Sex Crimes

Oklahoma City law accounts for numerous offenses within the sex crimes category. Some fall into the violent category, but others are based on intent or non-violent action. Aggravated sexual assault is one of the most common charges that an experienced defense attorney can assist in defending, but criminal defense law also accounts for numerous other offenses, such as voyeurism and sexually-motivated child abuse.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Driving under the influence is another serious charge and one that should lead to a free consultation with a criminal defense firm at the earliest opportunity. This is because it is never too early to start challenging such accusations – your lawyer may seek to challenge the results of your BAC test, for example. If such a challenge is successful, it can greatly reduce stress and inconvenience going forward.

White Collar Crimes

The business world is far from immune to criminality, and an Oklahoma City, OK criminal defense lawyer from Palmer Law can help your defense against any accusations stemming from employment or business ownership.

Common white-collar crimes include embezzlement and investment fraud. Given that these cases can often not only lead to jail time but also suspension or termination of employment, a criminal defense lawyer will work extensively to ensure that your legal rights are respected in both criminal and commercial contexts.

Parole Violations

Some criminal offenses are leftover legacies of previous offenses. However, criminal charges involving parole violations are just as serious as fresh charges, and a criminal defense lawyer should be appointed at the earliest possible opportunity.

When you appoint legal representation from a law firm, they can not only assist with fighting the violation accusation but may also work towards parole violations expungement for greater peace of mind in the future.

Do I Need an Oklahoma City, OK Criminal Defense Lawyer If I’m Innocent?

Unfortunately, innocence is not always enough evidence for a court. It can be tempting to avoid legal representation if you’re convinced of your innocence, believing that there is nothing to hide and therefore nothing to worry about while saving on fees in the process.

The fact is that while it is right to have faith in the justice system, wrongful convictions continue to exist. A skilled prosecutor can put forward a compelling case based on whatever evidence is available, so it’s vital to have someone just as knowledgeable and experienced on your side to ensure your rights are protected and that a jury is not convinced otherwise.

If you are innocent, it is important to disclose that as part of the initial free consultation, as your lawyer will be able to utilize that context as they set about building a robust defense.

What You Can Expect from Palmer Law Criminal Defense Lawyers

Your Oklahoma City, OK criminal defense lawyer will work tirelessly to ensure you have the most robust criminal defense possible in preparation for the case. Their goal is to take as much stress as possible out of being the accused in a criminal case and will carry out all the important work on your behalf.

Your interaction with our law firm will always begin with a free consultation, as detailed below. From there, your attorney will take responsibility for finding evidence, consulting witnesses, and performing every other task required to reach the best possible outcome.

An Experienced Oklahoma City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Upon contacting our offices, you can be assured of a lawyer with vast experience in criminal defense in the Oklahoma City metro area. Our team boasts combined decades of knowledge of the local legal system and has not only the correct skills required of the Oklahoma Bar Association but the networks and contacts to ensure that no stone is left unturned in pursuit of justice.

We can also work with clients not only in typical state and federal courts in Oklahoma City, OK, but also through the unique tribal court system. This legal system is unique to Oklahoma state, but nothing new to our experienced criminal defense lawyers. If for whatever reason, we are unable to represent you throughout tribal court proceedings, we will recommend someone that can.

Knowledge of Legal Practice Areas Throughout Oklahoma City Court Systems

No two criminal cases are the same, and our experience with the Oklahoma City legal system ensures that our clients have specialist access to every aspect of criminal defense that could aid their cause.

If, for example, a domestic violence case touches on family law, then our clients can rest assured that we have the requisite knowledge in-house to help navigate the court system.

A Free Case Evaluation

A free consultation is beneficial for all involved, as it enables potential new clients to understand what a criminal defense lawyer can do on their behalf, and what they can expect from the case as it proceeds.

During this free consultation with someone at our law offices, you will have the opportunity to explain the case without incrimination or judgment. Your lawyer will assess the details of the case in the context of criminal defense law and advise on what is likely to happen.

Our attorneys are open and honest and will be able to realistically explain the likelihood of the case potentially leading to a jury trial at district courts or municipal courts. Crucially, they always keep clients up to date, as circumstances can change at any time in criminal law based on evidence, witnesses, and other new developments.

Palmer Law Office – Your Oklahoma City, OK Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you’ve been charged with a crime in the Oklahoma City area, it’s vital to appoint a criminal defense lawyer at the earliest possible opportunity. Even if you’re adamant about your innocence, our skilled criminal defense lawyers can ensure that your legal rights are respected throughout and that the correct legal process is followed at all times.

A criminal record can mean serious consequences, but by seeking out legal representation from Palmer Law, you’ll have the best chance of fighting criminal charges.

Your criminal defense team will work towards the best possible outcome. We cover numerous practice areas too. Criminal defense is just one of our specialties. We also help Oklahoma City clients with personal injury law, family law, investment and business law, and much more.

An Oklahoma City criminal defense lawyer from our law firm is standing by to put together an aggressive defense, and your peace of mind begins with a free consultation.

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