Your family’s mineral rights are a treasure for Your children and generations to come. They are Your birthright and heritage: part of Your family history. Oil and Gas is a billion dollar industry in Oklahoma. And You are a part of it. Whether You are a Roughneck or a Royalty Owner, You need a lawyer help You protect Your interests, Your income, and Your legacy.

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Here is what our valued clients have to say:

Tanner from Konawa; Business Law and Oil & Gas
My partner in my operating company really let me down. He took off with money and equipment. It basically froze the company. I thought we would lose our leases. Then the business is good as done. Palmer Law was not intimidated by the mountain of paperwork. They worked through all the records. They represented me with the Corporation Commission, too. They kept me in business. They calmed things down and made a deal that made sense for me and my old partner. So at least I can still talk to him.

Sarah from Atoka, Oil & Gas and Wills & Trusts
My mother passed away and left mineral rights. But the family could not agree how her estate should be divided. It broke my heart, but I did what I had to do to get my share for my children. I had to get a lawyer. Palmer Law took care of the complicated probate case. He paid attention to the details and answered all my questions. It was a long case, but it turned out the right way. If it hadn’t been for Palmer Law, half a dozen people would have lost their oil checks over somebody’s mistake.