In Oklahoma City, Indian law is highly complex. There are many tribes, each with its own regulations and court systems. There are also federal regulations that may affect your case.

If you are facing charges of breaking tribal law, then you need an Oklahoma City Nation tribal lawyer who understands the intricacies of the various laws that could apply to your case.

At Palmer Law, we have helped numerous clients to secure a dismissal of their charges, a reversal of their previous convictions under tribal law, and have even brought people home from prison so that they reunite with their families.

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Our Proud Heritage

We are spearheaded by Lloyd Brent Palmer, who is honored to be enrolled as a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation. He is also of Choctaw heritage on both sides of his family and a member of the Chickasaw Warrior Society.

Palmer Law has an in-depth understanding of Native American law and cultures. If you or a loved one have been convicted or are facing charges under tribal law, you should contact us for a free case evaluation as soon as possible.

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Native American tribes can pass laws on their land, which vary depending on the reservation. However, in 2020, a Supreme Court Ruling – McGirt V. Oklahoma overturned a conviction for a prisoner on death row. This has set a precedent for other people facing charges under tribal law.

Essentially, the Court ruled that prosecution of crimes committed on Native American land falls under tribal jurisdiction, including Indians who commit crimes on Indian Land, or people who commit crimes against Native Americans on Native American Land.

This has resulted in criminal convictions being overturned and charges being dismissed across Oklahoma City, OK.

Our skilled Oklahoma tribal law attorneys have the skills, resources, and experience to navigate your case on the federal, state and tribal levels. We will do everything possible to secure a dismissal or an overturn of your case so that your future is protected, and you can walk away free.

We Have Experience Representing People in Various Types of Crimes and Family Law Matters in Oklahoma City, OK

At Palmer Law, we are prepared to help you navigate Tribal law affairs. Including minor crimes, divorce, adoption, personal injury, and federal violations.

With any of these types of cases, it is essential that you seek representation from an attorney with tribal law experience, such as the Indian Nation tribal lawyers at Palmer Law. We will make sure that you know your rights and that you comply with tribal regulations.

  • Divorce – At Palmer Law, in addition to criminal offenses we are also skilled in cases involving divorce and child custody. When it comes to tribal law, there are many contradictions and confusing intricacies. If you are a tribal member, it is important that you understand your legal rights as well as the pros and cons of using tribal or district court before you begin the process.
  • Adoptions – If you are trying to adopt a tribal child, then it is essential that you understand how to comply with the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA). Otherwise, you may be unable to adopt the child or have them taken from you at a later date.
  • Personal Injury – If you are injured in Indian Country, you may be confused about where to file and who to make a claim against. The tribe may be immune from being sued, but there are circumstances where they can be held liable. Whether you have experienced personal injury or you yourself are being sued, we can help.
  • Minor Crimes – Tribes have jurisdiction over minor crimes committed within their community, in the boundaries of their land. They include traffic offenses, simple drug possession charges and drunken acts. While these are minor offenses, it is still a good idea to have representation from a skilled tribal attorney.
  • State and Federal Violations – If you are facing violations of state or federal law, then it is essential that you contact an Oklahoma City Indian Nation tribal lawyer as soon as possible. Both state and federal charges have the potential to take away your freedom, and we may be able to protect your future.

Oklahoma Native American Law FAQs

If you have lower levels of income, then it may be possible to seek a court-appointed attorney through the Legal Services Corporation. However, you should make this decision with great care. Court-appointed attorneys usually have big caseloads and will probably have limited time and resources to spend on your case.

When you are facing a potential criminal conviction, you need the guidance of a tribal law attorney who is dedicated to your case. If you are facing tribal law violations, you also need someone who understands the complexities of the laws surrounding your case.

Our Oklahoma City Indian Nation tribal lawyer can represent you in litigation matters in tribal, state, and federal courts. We will fight tirelessly for the justice you deserve. We are prepared to fight to have your case dismissed or to try and have the charges against you dropped where possible.

Our practice areas include Native American law, criminal law, and family law.

In Oklahoma state, there are 38 tribal nations and 22 tribal courts.

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A Native American law attorney is waiting to hear from you. With vast experience in tribal court as well as the federal court system, we are prepared to guide your case and do everything possible to protect your future.

Our practice areas cover tribal law, criminal defense, personal injury, divorce and custody, and more. Our vast experience, combined with our understanding of federal Indian law and tribal law, makes us the perfect law firm for your case.

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